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    About Jacob Kingston of Utah

    Jacob Kingston of Plymouth, Utah, founded Washakie Renewable Energy in 2007. As the core of the WRE Group of biofuel producers, it represents the accumulated knowledge and experience of Dr. Kingston’s graduate schooling, which culminated in a 2006 PhD in mechanical engineering. While completing his education, Jacob Kingston took on jobs and internships at several companies concerned with different elements of energy production and machinery, including coal mining, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and agricultural field equipment, all of which have contributed to the scope of his work.

    The biodiesel made by Jacob Kingston’s companies is a sustainable, clean-burning energy source compatible with existing diesel engines with little or no modification. The sources of this fuel are collected and processed by component companies of the WRE Group, such as WRE Recycling, which cleans and collects kitchen oil and grease, and WRE Feed & Mill, which operates the United States’ largest seed oil crush plant. The oils extracted from these operations produce usable biodiesel fuel along with numerous useful byproducts.

    In addition to his work providing an environmentally-conscious energy source, Jacob Kingston contributes to his community by giving $25,000 annually toward scholarships for students at the University of Utah’s chemical and mechanical engineering departments, as well as a selected graduating senior of Bear River High School.

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    University of Utah

    1995 - 2007

    PhD, Mechanical Engineering

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