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Getting into CrossFit

Jacob Kingston

A graduate of the University of Utah, Dr. Jacob Kingston holds a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree in mechanical engineering. He currently leverages his education and professional background to lead Washakie Renewable Energy as its CEO. In his free time, Dr. Jacob Kingston maintains a healthy lifestyle, in part by participating in CrossFit.

As with most exercise routines, getting into CrossFit requires a great deal of motivation and commitment. Fortunately, getting started is not overly complicated. Before going into regular CrossFit routines, beginners must decide what their personal goals are. Such goals can range from losing weight to meeting new friends, and they guide beginners on their CrossFit journey. New practitioners must also decide between doing CrossFit at home or at a CrossFit gym. If their primary goal is losing weight, then it may be easier for a beginner to exercise at home. However, if making new friends is part of the goal, beginners should join a gym.

Once beginners know where and why they want to participate in CrossFit, they can actually start with the exercises. An intensive workout, CrossFit is often very challenging during the first few weeks. Every new CrossFitter must get past a learning curve before they really start improving. While this can kill a beginner’s motivation, it’s important to remember that with CrossFit, individuals compete against themselves, not others. Rather than comparing themselves to others, beginners should focus on their own performance. They must pay attention to their personal limits and advance to new workouts only when they feel comfortable.


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