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Malaysia's Blue Heritage Treasure

Jacob Kingston

University of Utah graduate Jacob Kingston is an experienced mechanical engineer and the chief executive officer of Washakie Renewable Energy. In his free time, Jacob Kingston enjoys travel, and one of his favorite countries to visit is Malaysia.

Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia presents a great contrast of sceneries, from bustling concrete jungles in the peninsula to wild natural jungles in Malaysian Borneo. In the middle stands George Town, a city known for its conflation of three different heritages: ancient, indigenous, and colonial.

One of the main attractions in this UNESCO World Heritage Zone is the Blue Mansion. Located in Lebuh Leith, the Blue Mansion is an authentic heritage hotel built in the 1880s.

The hotel has 38 rooms and 200 windows, all of which present a unique blend of both Western and Eastern influences, particularly traditional Chinese architecture. The hotel’s famous blue exterior comes from its use of indigo-based lime wash.

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