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The American Biodiesel Market

Jacob Kingston

A engineer with senior executive experience, Jacob Kingston earned his doctorate in mechanical engineering from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Jacob Kingston applies his scientific and business skills as CEO of a renewable energy firm with a substantial stake in the biodiesel marketplace.

In the national effort to transition from fossil fuels to a renewable-energy based economy, biodiesel plays an active and increasingly important role. Recent years have seen impressive increases in biodiesel production, which rose from over 340 million gallons to nearly 1.280 billion gallons in the period from 2010 to 2014.

Month-by-month reports for 2017 indicate a continuing rosy trend for the biodiesel industry. For example, March 2017 saw more than 115 million gallons of biodiesel manufactured in the United States. The number represents 22 million more gallons than produced in February of the same year. Biodiesel production is centered in the American Midwest, which manufactures roughly 65 percent of the country’s total yield. In terms of sales, March 2017 saw 112 million gallons sold as pure biodiesel and as biodiesel mixed in with fossil-fuels.

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