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The Sierra Club’s SSC Trains Future Environmental Leaders

Jacob Kingston

Holding a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Utah, Jacob Kingston serves as the CEO of Washakie Renewable Energy, a leading producer of advanced biofuels and chemicals. Dedicated to protecting the earth, Jacob Kingston belongs to charitable organizations such as the Sierra Club.

The largest grassroots environmental organization in the United States, the Sierra Club maintains several programs that promote its mission, including the Sierra Student Coalition (SSC). Established in 1991, the SSC is a network of high school and college students dedicated to protecting the environment.

In its grassroots training programs and activities, the SSC focuses on developing new environmental leaders. By training this new generation of leaders, the Sierra Club hopes to increase the number of environmental victories around the world. More than 13,000 students and 250 groups belong to the SSC across the nation.

The SSC's young members are responsible for setting national priorities and planning SSC campaigns. The students also design and run the training programs and volunteer network. This gives students hands-on experience in leading the charge against environmental pollution and degradation.


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