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Washakie Renewable Energy - Promoting a Greener Future

Based in Utah, Jacob Kingston graduated with a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Utah. Having started his career as an intern at Detroit Stoker Co., Jacob Kingston now serves at the CEO of Washakie Renewable Energy.

Established in 2006, Washakie Renewable Energy functions as one of the prime producers of biodiesel in the United States. Founded on the principles of Shoshone Chief Washakie, the company aims to develop a greener future by creating renewable energy sources that are sustainable. The firm comprises of a group of companies that individually ensure that most of the biodiesel it produces are from renewable sources. It also ensures absolute separation of waste oils from waterways and landfill sites, supports local farmers by buying their biofuel crops, and provides refined products like glycerin for foods, medicines, and cosmetics.
Washakie Renewable Energy also maintains its dedication to community wellbeing through its contribution to local community causes. It provides an annual scholarship worth over $25,000 for high school and college students who have an interest in renewable energy issues.

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