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What You Receive with AFOA Membership

Jacob Kingston

A graduate of the University of Utah where he studied mechanical engineering, Jacob Kingston leverages extensive experience in renewable energy, wind development, and mine safety in his work as Washakie Renewable Energy’s chief executive officer. To further his professional development, Jacob Kingston retains membership in the American Fats and Oils Association (AFOA).

A trade body that focuses on improving the global fats and oils industry, AFOA offers membership for a $500 fee, which purchases an AFOA listing for a single business location and three individual members. Applicants may add additional members to their listing, incurring a fee of $50 per extra member up to a maximum of six individuals.
AFOA members receive numerous benefits, such as current news relating to the oils and fats industry and access to the Trading Rules AFOA has put in place. Additionally, members receive discounts to a number of annual events and can further their networking prospects through access to the AFOA’s member directory.

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